The human body is the main theme of my work.

The inner feelings of the human being come to expression in movement and attitude. That is what I express in my work. Feelings like sadness, happiness, fear and despair reveal themselves in the body language. Even when a person is seen from the back, his essence can be read.

I use both natural as well as man made material for my sculptures.Natural material like marble, limestone, Curacao limestone, alabaster. Man made material like bronze, cement composites.

Hortence Brouwn started in 1973 with moulding and casting in concrete. By then Dries Kreykamp – a well-known sculptor and architect in Holland – coached her. Before that she only used to work with clay. In 1989 she started a 2-month workshop in New York, carving stones. She also used to work several times in Pietra Santa, Italy in Carrara marble.

In 1997 she started a bronze foundry, with the help of different people and organizations in Curacao. Most of her bronze sculptures are casted here. Sometimes, when they are too busy, she casts her sculptures in Holland.